Create an automation script in selenium to print total number of emails in gmail

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NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Last Modified: For example, "How can I save attachments to a specific file system folder? How can I save attachments to the file system and insert a link to them in the original message thereby saving space in my mailbox? If you manually print an item, then you can elect to print the attachments too, but only to the default printer.

The rules wizard does not include an action for saving a message or attachment to the file system, nor saving and replacing attachments with hyperlinks to them. The solution is to use a bit of scripting, a macro, and a rule to perform the desired actions. The rule is triggered when an item meeting a given condition arrives. The rule calls the macro which performs the actual work. If the author wanted to print a given attachment, then I produced a macro that would do just that.

If instead they wanted to save and remove attachments replacing them with hyperlinks in the message itself, then I wrote a macro for that alone. Recently I saw another of these questions and decided it was time to put together a macro that would handle almost any of these situations. Print the message. Print the message to a specific printer.

Save the message to a specific folder in the file system. Save the message in a specific format. Print all attachments.

create an automation script in selenium to print total number of emails in gmail

Print only certain types of attachments e. Print attachments to a specific printer. Save attachments to a specific folder in the file system. Remove save and delete attachments replacing each with a hyperlink to the saved attachment.

The hyperlinks are inserted at the bottom of the message. Microsoft Outlook. The instructions assume that you are using Outlook Follow these instructions to use this solution.

Start Outlook. If not already expanded, expand Microsoft Office Outlook Objects. If not already expanded, expand Modules. Select an existing module e. Copy the code below and paste it into the right-hand pane of Outlook's VB Editor window. Edit the code as needed.

I included comments wherever something needs to or can change.But, if you need to save all attachments from all received emails and receiving emails, any ideal? This article will introduce two solutions to automatically download attachments from Outlook to a certain folder. Automatically download Outlook attachments to folder with VBA and rule.

Automatically download Outlook attachments to folder with Kutools for Outlook. Normally we can save attachments from one email with activating the Attachment Tools and applying the Save All Attachments feature in Outlook. But, what if automatically saving all attachments from emails, or automatically saving attachments by sender or file extensions?

Click for day free trial without limitation! This method will introduce a VBA script, and run this scrip with a rule to automatically download and save Outlook attachments to a certain folder.

Please do as follows:. See screenshot:. Now in the Rules Wizard dialog box, please click to select the Apply rule on messages I receive option, and click the Next button. In the Rules Wizard which condition s do you want to check?

And then click the Yes button in the popping up Microsoft Outlook dialog box. Now in the Rules Wizard what do you want to do with the message?

In the Rules Wizard Are there any exceptions? Now in the last Rules Wizard dialog box, please name the rule in the Step 1 box, check options as you need in the Step 2 section, and click the Finish button. And now all attachments are downloaded from your email account and saved into the specified destination folder. And all attachments of incoming emails will be automatically downloaded and saved into the specified folder too.

If you have Kutools for Outlook installed, you can apply its Auto Detach option to automatically download all Outlook attachments and save to a certain folder easily. Kutools for Outlook : Add more than handy tools for Outlook, free to try with no limitation in 60 days. From now on, all attachments or attachments with specified file extensions, or attachments from specified senders based on your settings will be automatically saved.Read the author's other free Python books:.

Checking and replying to email is a huge time sink. But you can still automate plenty of email-related tasks once you know how to write programs that can send and receive email. For example, maybe you have a spreadsheet full of customer records and want to send each customer a different form letter depending on their age and location details. Commercial software might not be able to do this for you; fortunately, you can write your own program to send these emails, saving yourself a lot of time copying and pasting form emails.

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SMTP dictates how email messages should be formatted, encrypted, and relayed between mail servers, and all the other details that your computer handles after you click Send. SMTP just deals with sending emails to others. You may be familiar with sending emails from Outlook or Thunderbird or through a website such as Gmail or Yahoo!

Instead, you call functions to perform each major step of SMTP, as shown in the following interactive shell example. This code is just an overview of the process of sending email with Python. SMTP 'smtp. The port is an integer value and will almost always bewhich is used by the command encryption standard, TLS.

create an automation script in selenium to print total number of emails in gmail

Once you have the domain name and port information for your email provider, create an SMTP object by calling smptlib. SMTPpassing the domain name as a string argument, and passing the port as an integer argument. If the smptlib. In this case, you will need to create an SMTP object using smtplib. You only need to know which encryption standard your SMTP server uses so you know how to connect to it. In all of the interactive shell examples that follow, the smtpObj variable will contain an SMTP object returned by the smtplib.

SMTP or smtplib. This greeting is the first step in SMTP and is important for establishing a connection to the server. Just be sure to call the ehlo method first thing after getting the SMTP object or else the later method calls will result in errors.

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The following is an example of an ehlo call and its return value:. This required step enables encryption for your connection. If you are connecting to port using SSLthen encryption is already set up, and you should skip this step. The in the return value tells you that the server is ready. Once your encrypted connection to the SMTP server is set up, you can log in with your username usually your email address and email password by calling the login method.

Gmail has an additional security feature for Google accounts called application-specific passwords. If you receive an Application-specific password required error message when your program tries to log in, you will have to set up one of these passwords for your Python script. Pass a string of your email address as the first argument and a string of your password as the second argument. The in the return value means authentication was successful.

Python will raise an smtplib. Be careful about putting passwords in your source code. It may be inconvenient to have to enter a password each time you run your program, but this approach will prevent you from leaving your password in an unencrypted file on your computer where a hacker or laptop thief could easily get it. The sendmail method call looks like this:. The return value from sendmail is a dictionary. There will be one key-value pair in the dictionary for each recipient for whom email delivery failed.

An empty dictionary means all recipients were successfully sent the email. Be sure to call the quit method when you are done sending emails.Katalon Automation Recorder provides various Selenium Commands Selenese to help automate web application testing.

We'll pass three arguments to your function:. If specified, and an element with this id already exists, this operation will fail. Loads script content into a new script tag in the Selenium document. This differs from the runScript command in that runScript adds the script tag to the document of the AUT, not the Selenium document.

Add a selection to the set of selected options in a multi-select element using an option locator.


Specifies whether Selenium should use the native in-browser implementation of XPath if any native version is available ; if you pass "false" to this function, we will always use our pure-JavaScript xpath library.

Using the pure-JS xpath library can improve the consistency of xpath element locators between different browser vendors, but the pure-JS version is much slower than the native implementations. Returns: The message of the most recent JavaScript alert.

Retrieves the message of a JavaScript alert generated during the previous action, or fail if there were no alerts. Getting an alert has the same effect as manually clicking OK. If an alert is generated but you do not consume it with getAlert, the next Selenium action will fail. Returns: true if there is an alert. Returns: the IDs of all buttons on the page.

Returns: true if some option has been selected, false otherwise. Clicks on a link, button, checkbox or radio button. If the click action causes a new page to load like a link usually doescall waitForPageToLoad. The below table is the list of all supported Selenese Commands. We'll pass three arguments to your function: locator: the string the user passed in inWindow: the currently selected window inDocument: the currently selected document The function must return null if the element can't be found.

If a given button has no ID, it will appear as "" in this array. Returns: Array of identifiers of all windows that the browser knows about. Returns: Array of names of all windows that the browser knows about. Returns: Array of titles of all windows that the browser knows about. Returns: the set of values of this attribute from all known windows. Returns: true if a cookie with the specified name is present, or false otherwise.

Returns: of pixels from the edge of the frame. Returns: the execution speed in milliseconds. Returns: true if elemen assertPrompt assertPrompt pattern Generated from getPrompt. Use the assertNotText command with an element locator instead. Returns: true if the patt assertTextPresent assertTextPresent pattern This command is deprecated.We will use the Mercury Tours website as our web application under test.

It is an online flight reservation system that contains all the elements we need for this tutorial. Afterward, we shall execute our script using the playback feature. Toggle the Record button on if it is not yet toggled on by default. Firefox should take you to the page similar to the one shown below. Step 3 Right-click on any blank space within the page, like on the Mercury Tours logo on the upper left corner. This will bring up the Selenium IDE context menu. Then, select "assertTitle exact: Welcome: Mercury Tours.

In the "Password" text box, type an invalid password, "invalidPWD". Step 5 Click on the "Sign-In" button. Firefox should take you to this page.

Selenium script to login gmail and logout successfully

Step 6 Toggle the record button off to stop recording. Your script should now look like the one shown below. Step 7 Now that we are done with our test script, we shall save it in a test case. In the File menu, select "Save Test Case". Click the "Save" button. Step 9. Notice that the file was saved as HTML. Step Selenium IDE should be able to replicate everything flawlessly.

Introduction to Selenium Commands - Selenese Selenese commands can have up to a maximum of two parameters: target and value. Parameters are not required all the time. It depends on how many the command will need. Example: the "click" command is an action because you directly interact with the element you are clicking at. The "type" command is also an action because you are putting values into a text box, and the text box shows them to you in return. There is a two-way interaction between you and the text box.

Accessors They are commands that allow you to store values to a variable. Example: the "storeTitle" command is an accessor because it only "reads" the page title and saves it in a variable. It does not interact with any element on the page. Assertions They are commands that verify if a certain condition is met.

When an "assert" command fails, the test is stopped immediately. When a "verify" command fails, Selenium IDE logs this failure and continues with the test execution.

create an automation script in selenium to print total number of emails in gmail

Before proceeding to the next command, "waitFor" commands will first wait for a certain condition to become true. If the condition becomes true within the waiting period, the step passes. If the condition does not become true, the step fails. Failure is logged, and test execution proceeds to the next command. By default, the timeout value is set to 30 seconds. Assert vs.Please post your Web Driver questions in official Web Driver forum.

Tuesday, August 2, Verify email confirmation using Selenium. Email confirmation seems to be integral part of any registration process.

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I came across an application which lets you provide your email address. You can follow the sign up link in you mail and then complete the registration process. Lets consider we provide GMail address for it. Now if were to use only Selenium then we would have to follow following steps - Launch GMail using Selenium; Some how search for new mail in the list of available mails; Some how click on it; Parse the mail message; Get the registration link; Follow up with registration process What do you think of an approach in which you can Access GMail using plain java APIs This in turn uses pop3 or imap ; Reach the desired message; Get the registration link; Follow up with registration process This approach looks far cleaner as we don't have to have UI interaction with GMail.

You could find more details on this here - And here goes the magic code - And now you can launch registrationURL using Selenium and continue with testing Labels: Selenium 1.

Newer Post Older Post Home.There are quite a few ways to send email with Python, whether it be through a 3rd party library like with boto and SESor through an email protocol like SMTP. While the subject of using Python to send emails may seem like it's been done to death, there are just so many different ways to do it and so many issues that can come up.

I thought it would be helpful to write up a tutorial on how to send emails with Gmail as the provider using Python.

create an automation script in selenium to print total number of emails in gmail

This may not come as a surprise, but of course Python already has a library that lets you connect to an SMTP server, like the one Gmail uses.

This library is called, predictably, smtplib and comes included with Python.

Login to Gmail using Selenium Java

SMTP is a delivery protocol only, so you can't actually retrieve email with it, you can only send email, which is what we'll be focusing on in this article. I should note that many email services, like Gmaildon't usually use SMTP on their internal mail servers.

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SMTP is usually just provided as an outward-facing interface to their service via the smtp. This is mostly meant to be used by email clients on your phone or computer like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. As already mentioned, Python conveniently comes with the smtplibwhich handles all of the different parts of the protocol, like connecting, authenticating, validation, and of course, sending emails.

Using this library, there are a few different ways you can create a connection to your mail server. In this section, we'll focus on creating a plain, insecure connection which should rarely, if ever, be used.

This connection is unencrypted and defaults to port However, the protocol for mail submission actually useswhich is what we'll use. These connections are really simple to create with smtplib. The unencrypted version can be created with:. And that's it. There really isn't much more to it than passing the server address, port, and calling. Using this server object you can now send email over an insecure connection.

Note: You might not be ready to send emails quite yet. Gmail imposes some restrictions on SMTP connections like this.

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